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MACROECONOMIC DATA OF BOLIVIA. Gross domestic product, Consumption, Investment, Inflation, Export prices, Import prices, Fiscal accounts, External accounts, Money and banking, Domestic financial instruments.
1. Consumption: Consumption index of electricity, water and gas.
2. Finances: Loans issued by the national and foreign banks, by economic activities.
3. Finances: Banking financial statements (balance and income statement).
4. Foreign trade: Export by types of goods.
5. Foreign trade: Export by main products.
6. Foreign trade: Export by mode of transportation.
7. Foreign trade: Export by department and customs control point.
8. Foreign trade: Export by destination country.
9. Foreign trade: Index of unit value of exports; Index of volume of exports; Index of value of exports.
10. Foreign trade: Import by types of goods.
11. Foreign trade: Trade balance by type of products.
12. Foreign trade: Trade balance by country.
13. GDP: Gross domestic product at constant prices by economic activity.
14. GDP: Growth of gross domestic product at constant prices by economic activity.
15. GDP: Participation of economic activities in the gross domestic product at current prices.
16. GDP: Gross domestic product implicit price deflator by economic activity.
17. GDP: Gross domestic product per capita, at market prices, by department.
18. Industries: Index of construction cost; Cement production by department.
19. Industries: Cultivated area.
20. Industries: Yields of some crops.
21. Industries: Index of physical volume of production, by product group; Index of total sales of goods of industrial production.
22. Industries: Hydrocarbons extraction volume index.
23. Industries: Liquids and petroleum production, by department and field.
24. Industries: Gross and net production of natural gas.
25. Industries: Gross and net production of natural gas, by department and field.
26. Industries: Volume of internal and external sales of natural gas.
27. Industries: Certified reserves of petroleum and natural gas.
28. Industries: Index of quantity mineral extraction, by mineral; Mineral production by product.
29. Investments: Programmed public investment, by source of financing; Programmed public investment, by department; Programmed public investment, by economic sector.
30. Investments: Foreign direct investments, by type; Foreign direct investments, by economic activity.
31. Population: Projected population by calendar year, age and sex; Demographic indicators.
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